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Miscellaneous Links:

Check out this link for web development tools and stuff>>>

Have you been wondering where to get a page counter>>>

If you're looking for Great JAVA programing you will want to check out this site >>>

Have you ever thought about having password protection on your pages, check out this service>>>

Would you like to get an email program?  Available for both Windows and Macintosh-based systems>>>


Want real, non-slanted news

News Coverage - current events - Trouble is coming

Honest reporting on the facts - it's just that simple, Truth on toady's News being presented

Want Truth on the issues of our time, this is the place, and it's entertaining too

Nothing more needs to be said about "FAIR" News coverage

The Truth Lives Here
Live HD Video Network, featuring a two hour daily program



Links to Pages & Sites of a Christian nature:

** Here is a site for Christians on issues concerning us today **  >>>

Another good resource of Christian information, CONCERNED WOMEN FOR AMERICA

Family Life today Radio Program on the web, good, a nice resource center


Christian Links to Bible Ministries of Radio and TV:

For an old fasion,Genuine Bible Study - The Shepherd's Chapel - Chapter by Chapter, Verse by Verse
An Excellent Ministry


This is the Link to RBC Ministries

Here is a Link to some good Christian resources with Dr. Harold Sala

Need we say more - Billy Graham - probably one of the most known Christians of modern times

A Very Good Christian resource page/site